Riding Through These Times

The Bus in Happier Times

March 27, 2020

Today we took the Bus out to pick up supplies at Target. I may have mentioned that we have a1966 VW bus in class—my father’s bus—but here’s a picture for the visual folks out there.  It felt strange riding in the Bus again, so familiar, as this is the Bus of my childhood, my ultimate safe space, and now nothing feels safe. However, I am very thankful to the folks working at the grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies, drug stores, coffee shops, Targets, Costcos, the people who harvest and prepare our food, the makers of toilet paper (finally got some today! Down to the last roll!) and the truck drivers, but I am especially thankful for the medical people who are either preparing or meeting this disaster. I usually have words but tonight I have no words. I watched the Monterey Bay Aquarium Jellyfish live feed for quite some time, and it seemed to help. I concentrated on the one task I had to get through (laundry), and it seemed to help. I keep telling myself that I can only control the right now, not the future or the past, and it seemed to help. Most of all I am just thinking about all of the people I know and love, including everyone at Cal State LA, and hoping everyone is safe at home. To those who have posted, thank you—it makes me feel less alone. To those who haven’t, feel free to post or send me what you want posted anonymously. Thank you all for being there, and know that I am here thinking of you.

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