The Loss


Shared by an anonymous student

I’m scared of my own image,

All I see is damage,

Broken wings,

Just like ripped strings,

Tears falling down,

Yet I drown,

Wish it was untrue,

Yet it can’t be undue,

I’m sick of this scene,

Yet im in between,

Of this war zone,

All alone,

I tried to disappear,

But I reappear,

Back into this scene,

With the same routine,

I feel so numb,

Yet you might think I’m dumb,

But you don’t see,

That I’m trying to flee,

From this hell,

Because I’m not to well,

I gave you a sign,

That will help you define,

Of what I’m going through,

Everything is so true,

But I wish it was untrue,

I feel so lost,

Yet I’m paying the cost,

Of my mistakes,

Yet I cannot take,

Much more of this pain,

But I wanted to explain,

Everything to you,

That I feel so blue,

I’m trying to glue,

All of the pieces that I broke,

But these words knows how to choke,

Don’t judge,

Don’t hold me a grudge,

Am I annoying?

Because I feel like I’m destroying,

Our friendship slowly,

I feel so lonely,

Well farewell,

I have fell,

Once again!

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