The First Day

Today was the first day that felt real, even though I had been washing my hands and using hand sanitizer and social distancing and trying to do my best to focus on the now. We walked Harold the puppy-brained , impulse control challenged, pit lab rescue in Debs park today, and as I saw the vista unfold, the Southwest Museum so visible, and the lupine blooming, I thought about what I wanted to say.

If you are in English 2600, then you know the Southwest Museum is all about Charles Fletcher Lummis and his story. What does it mean today? I am reminded of stories that Lummis closed the doors to El Alisal after his child died. I wonder what he would think today…

This is a time of fear, but we can come together and get past this. But we need to draw together while apart, to share our stories, to prop each other up. This blog should be a place to do that. For now, it is private, but if we decide to share it, we can. Share your stories in this time, and let us all know how we can help.

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  1. jerry4036 says:

    Things are scary which makes it hard to focus especially with online classes were students lack guidance. Im just holding on hoping for the best.


  2. yasminolivera11 says:

    Honestly the first day wasn’t as bad for me. As the days keep passing it frustrates more and more to hear that people are still going out to beaches, getting together for parties, etc because they are just making the whole situation worse for innocent people. I try to not stress and try not to hear the news much, because I believe that at times they make people very paranoid. I hope everyone is well. Sending good vibes to all.


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