Safer At Home

My Street March 19, 2018

March 19, 2020

So, I was driving home tonight from my mom’s house and I heard the mayor on the radio. He was saying we are a city of love and we would be safer at home. I had a strange moment there because I know that is true, but I am so scared for the people who can’t work at home, for the people who don’t know what to do…and I really, really want to be that city of love.

Los Angeles, light or dark, is how Mike Davis frames the question, and I guess now we will see the answer.

I hope folks will share their experiences and thoughts and ideas.

I have noticed:

**No planes (just like after 9/11, the event most of you have no memory of)

**Many, many delivery vans

**Families out walking together, including a father and daughter dressed up for St. Patrick’s day, holding hands

**People not listening to the call for social distancing (People in the Kaiser pharmacy, I’m talking to you. Also, lady at the Hi-Ho, not helping).

**Lots and lots of dog walking

**a real lack of toilet paper

Then we watched the sunset and the sky on our street and it was so lovely. There are so many beautiful moments in my life right now, the dew on the lupines blooming in the park, the light, the rainbow I saw driving home…and yet there is so much fear, and I feel it, too. But I have always believed in the light, the light of the golden hour, the light that exists in all of us.

My street tonight, March 19, 2020

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  1. jerry4036 says:

    Yes many people aren’t listening!!! If people would just listen and practice social distancing maybe we wouldn’t have to go in a order of stay at home state wide. Stay strong and don’t let the fear beat you.


  2. yasminolivera11 says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Professor. I am not going to lie I’m very scared about this whole situation. I haven’t even left my house since the last day of class, but I’m doing it for my family and the people around me. During times like these its very sad to see how people disobey orders that are given for our own safety. I am very positive that everything will get better soon. What makes my day is when I wake up and see the beautiful sun outside. It sure does put a smile on my face and makes me feel more positive.


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