Trust the Journey

Written by an anonymous student, posted by Jenny. If you want to share your experience as this was, just send your thoughts/images to Jenny

I don’t really know in what sequence I’m suppose to be writing this but I figured I’d vent a little as well since many are doing that on social media anyways. It won’t be a negative or positive insight on this situation but a way of thinking that has helped ease my anxiety throughout this endeavor. Everything has been set up for us in a black and white setting and it is up to us to paint the color in the world we want to live in.

      For most of my life I spent my time focusing on the things I shouldn’t have, the things that meant the most to everyone else but myself. During this quarantine, I recommend to use it as a time of reflection, as a break from the system that has been made for you, by someone who isn’t you. I apologize if the way I’m talking is confusing or about something you don’t agree with but if you are like me, I hope this helps. Although, our society is portraying chaos and destruction, our Earth has found a moment of fresh air. For once, in a very long time, she is able to breathe and heal herself. This is the biggest sign for our people to take a moment and heal themselves. 

      I thought about this before the virus. I thought, I wonder how people would react to themselves, if we took away school, jobs, money, distractions(clubs/events), etc. If all of that was gone, would they still have meaning, a reason to strive…….. if money didn’t have value, what would people work for, what would people go to school for.

    I know I don’t have all the answers, but I know in my heart and soul, that this journey will be an endless lesson. Regardless of the viruses, pollution, political problems, social problems, I know that everything will happen for a reason whether I’m ready for it or not. So might as well sit back and enjoy the journey right ? You get to control the environment and energy you set up for your journey. Try to make it a positive experience. In the end of the day, finding yourself, your true self and being able to recognize who that is should be your greatest accomplishment.  

     During this pandemic, I am working 30+ hours each week and having online class after my shift on Mondays and Wednesday’s. I am also meditating and reading new books about spirituality that helps ease my stress. Self care is important. My mother works at a grocery store and she will also continue working during this quarantine, as well with all the minimum wage workers that don’t get to stay at home. It trips me out how we are the ones having to continue while my district manager and other high up positions get to enjoy working from the safety of their homes. The tables have turned now lol. We are all in the this together. This is only the beginning. 

 Just a lil peek into my mind.

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