Don’t know what to do

it’s been several days since I’ve been outside. Since Friday 3-20-20, the first few days of staying inside were okay until today. I had several distractions through the first few days but now I’m just kind of over it. My outer shell of being okay is cracking and I feel the inside collapsing. There’s no longer joy when I get to sit and do nothing for hours. My life currently revolves around my desk. From the hours of work to hours of zoom and homework. What was once my safe haven of video games and talking with collide friends now feels like a prison. My motivation for school is gone, I lost all pride and purpose for my work. It’s really sad because I love doing what I do but I’ve lost almost everything I enjoyed in the span of two weeks. As I sit here debating if I should bother “socializing” with my friends or to just lay in bed with no happiness in sight. It’s been pretty tough today. I don’t even enjoy my coffee anymore. It’s not the same when you can’t share it with the ones you love.
– A.C. :3

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  1. eulehase says:


    Believe me when I tell you that I understand the feeling of being in prison. With respect and compassion, I want to encourage you to consider your situation as a prime opportunity to contemplate life, to consider who you are as a person, to “reappreciate” the things in your life that you love and care for and feel as though you could not live without, and to reevaluate where you want to be this time tomorrow, next week, next year…there is a huge difference between isolation/loneliness and solitude/stillness of the mind. Don’t allow these restrictions to press down on you–you are fully capable of embracing this unique chance to get some really important self-care done and to increase your awareness of those things you may take for granted more than you thought before. For many years, I thought my isolation would break me but it didn’t. It’s not that I’m stronger than others, it’s just that I focused on getting one or two things of value (to me) done each day. After a few months, I looked back stunned at the amount of work I finished and things I accomplished as a result of only a few hours of work a day. This is only my opinion, of course, and only a simple suggestion from one solitary human to another, but you got this.


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