Hope Never Dies

Hope Never Dies

By Elizabeth

Life knocks me down so many times,

That it felt like I was paying for many crimes,

Many people thought that I was a failure,

But those were the thought of haters,

I started not to care,

Because I thought life was unfair,

But I got tired of always shedding tears,

Especially of my own fears,

I decided that I need it to take advantage of the opportunity,

By being someone in my community,

The sad reality is that sometimes people are not believers,

Until we become achievers,

A door might close,

And this is no joke,

But another door could open,

Just stay awoken,

Life sometimes could be a hell,

You might not feel too well,

But just remember that this is temporary,

Just like February,

So, get back in your feet,

Because at the end everything will be sweet,

Remember everyone starts at a low point,

So don’t ever feel like you are a disappoint,

Because this is just the beginning of a new life.

I have known this poet for many years, and I am so happy to share her work here. Congratulations on your graduation, Elizabeth, and for showing me once again that you are a great person!


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