The Devil’s Whispers

Suicide Bridge/Colorado Street Bridge, Nov. 2, 2021

By Elizabeth


Poem: The Devil’s Whispers

Sometimes we feel so alone,

Like no one understands us,

Sometimes we get lost in our thoughts,

Feeling like we are locked up in a cage,

And there’s no escape,

Sometimes we feel like we are stuck in the darkness,

With no light to guide us back home,

Sometimes we just want to close our eyes,

And never wake up,

Because sometimes we feel is for the best,

Sometimes we have to put on fake smiles,

To not make others worry about us,

Or sometimes we are just afraid that we might get others annoyed,

Sometimes we give signs that we are not feeling okay,

And scream for help,

But there’s no one there when we need them the most,

Sometimes we just want to be listened to,

Without getting judged,

And calling us insane,

We sometimes don’t want to get professional help,

Because we don’t trust strangers with our thoughts,

And feelings,

So sometimes is better to just run away,

And never come back,

Sometimes our mind is not strong enough,

Just like the rest,

 sometimes we drink until it makes us numb,

I know that’s not the way,

But trust me it’s not easy to get rid of the devil’s beverage,

Sometimes we just want to spend time with the people we loved,

But sometimes they are so busy for us,

That we don’t want to bother them,

So we rather push everyone away,

And be alone,

But once we are gone,

They wish we were by their side,

And regret every minute they didn’t spend with us,

Sometimes we feel like a burden,

And we feel like we don’t belong anywhere except in our loneliness,

Sometimes we just want to hear the word I love you,

But say it like you really mean it,

Sometimes we just want a warm hug,

Feeling like we are loved,

Because remember you don’t know what’s in everyone mind,

Don’t regret it when it’s all too late,

So hold my hand,

I’ll give you a different perspective of life,

You might not like it,

For being too negative,

But honestly this is reality,

And this is what sometimes people feel,

Especially when they have a bad day,

Instead of judging them,

Remind them that they are loved,

And they are never alone,

Remind them that you I’ll be there through their ups and downs,

It can save a life,

And you can save yourself from regrets.

If you are feeling suicidal, please, reach out. There are resources at the top of this post, and I am here to help you.

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