The Untold LA

Class Poem for English 2600, fall 2021

DTLA from Highland Park at sunset

Sunlight and hidden shadow combined and separate, (Julia)

Not everyone understands the struggle, but everyone has a goal. (Sarahi)

Los Angeles is like a mystery box

A person can have a negative or positive view

To criticize the problems like air pollution, homelessness, and poverty

To capture the view of the city from the numerous hilltops or visit the many picture-perfect places  

However, LA’s mysteries or its curiosity never makes things dull. (Daisy)

 The creativity in Los Angeles in endless. It is diverse and creativity is never discriminated upon. (Ryle)

The smoggy city

Filled with trash and poverty

Yet we call it home. (Marco)

Stepping outside into the blazing heat, just another Californian day:(Anthony)

People tell me greener pastures lie beyond the city lines, but I do not believe them (Sam).

With the swing of a bat the city roars as they watch the ball fly into the LA night sky. (Jacob)

Chavez Ravine, Chavez Ravine, the ghosts are whispering tonight.

“Los Angeles is the best,

Pack your bags and find out for yourself!”

But they take our space, not knowing the rest

They’re pushing us out while building their fence (Jacie)

On electric rails we once rode cross the valley, now asphalt belts tighten our waist

Lashed to the car, crowding for a bus, all to get to the same place

Success, security, and all that jazz, lie waiting  for us up in the stars

But down in the valley, where we live and die, that distance is just too far. (Rey)

In half an hour of the middle of Los Angeles, you can frisk into beaches, snow, deserts, and mountains. (Cheyenne)

My  immigrant parents always gave me hope, and with everything I learned it’s pretty dope! (Dani)

LA: the only place where finding cheap gas is the same as finding

A needle in the haystack (Adalberto)

There is much diversity here but also a divide

There are people living the picture-perfect L.A. life

While people on Skid Row are struggling to survive

Many people see L.A. in films and move here to live out their dreams 

But there is so much more to L.A. than what is showed in movie scenes. (Anisa)

We’re all desperately looking for this place, the one where time will never find us. (Chloe)

Thank you to my English 2600 students, to Matthew Meija, and to Mike the Poet (Mike Sonksen)!

You should check out their work!

Also, for those who want to be super awesome and celebrate Sam’s birthday, check out this amazing place:

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